About Us

Why us?

  • Your choice of speed

  • Tried and tested routes and accommodation

  • IAM Masters Tour Leader

  • Bespoke coaching

  • Limited group size

‘We had such a good time with Anthony, the pace was nice and relaxed so I didn’t feel I had to rush to keep up and the hotels were really comfy too. We will definately ride with him again.’

Michael and Sue Connelly – Telford

When you love riding, being outdoors and are fascinated by maps, you can only really be a motorcycle tour leader.

Hello, my name is Anthony McNamara and with the help of my team I run Twisty Mountain Motorcycle Tours. Our tours are designed to show you the very best views in western Europe along some of the most exciting roads we have found. I have personally planned and ridden each tour and I can’t wait to share that experience with you all.

Over the years and when I could take time from my primary work as a transport planner, I have been organising private tours for groups based on their criteria of location, duration, riding pace, coaching requirements and accommodation.

The feedback from these tours has been tremendously positive and encouraging. Comments like,  ‘That was one of the best day’s riding I have ever had!’  make me want everyone to feel this way about motorcycling and because I love planning and leading these tours so much, I have decided to offer everyone the opportunity.

The very best of these tours are now available with us for anyone who wants to join. So come along, it’s a fantastic ride!

Only two tours left for 2022 – Book now!

How fast do we ride?

For the View

Our  ‘For the View’  tours are run at a leisurely pace where you’ll never feel under pressure to keep up. We’re happy to roll along at speeds gentle enough to take in the views and enjoy the twisties without causing concern. And, there will be plenty of stops to stretch your legs and take those memorable pictures.

So, what does this mean in reality? Well, if you can ride 160 miles in a day on country roads you should be fine. On occasions, where dual carriageways are unavoidable, we would hope that you will ride at the national speed limit, 70mph.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.

For the Ride

Our  ‘For the Ride’  tours really are all about the ride, the views come second. We’ll be riding at pace, taking corners and bends quickly and smoothly, and accelerating away as briskly as possible. Expect to be overtaking all day and getting the most from your riding.

You should be a competent rider to join this tour, probably have benefited from some advanced coaching, maybe passed an IAM or ROSPA test, or you have clocked up a few laps on track days. We’ll be riding about 180 miles a day and I’ll make sure we have time for a photo or two along the way. 

For the View
For the Ride

Whatever speed you like to ride, we can accommodate you.


Cold beer? Hot Soup? Or a G&T?
We usually need one at the end of the day!

Accommodation is usually hotels we have already used and are either a minimum three star hotel or have a Google rating over 4 with a good menu choice for dinner. Breakfast is always included.

Some of our tours are in very remote locations and, on occasions, our accommodation may be more humble but still clean and comfortable with good service.

For private tours, we will select accommodation based upon your expectations and budget, whether it’s camping or fine dining. Feel free to contact us for a chat.

Your comfort is incredibly important to us. We have selected accommodation for both comfort and facilities so, when you have finished a good day’s riding everything you need is under one roof and you can relax.

Excellent tour leader, coaching if desired and the right size group - a perfect tour

Tour Leader - Anthony McNamara

I enjoy both a fast, full on twsity mountain ride as much as a smooth flow while soaking up the views. I’m lucky that I get to do both but whatever tour you join us on, For the Ride or For the View, I’ll make sure you are happy.

I am a National Observer with an IAM group and also have a IAM Masters with a distinction. Cadwell Park is my favorite track and I am happy running  around in the A groups. I have taken and delivered other training events and consider myself well coached to lead your tour.

I know the regions we’ll visit, I have alternative routes if needed and most importantly, I am here to ensure you get the most from a Twisty Mountain Motorcycle Tour.

Bespoke coaching

It doesn’t matter how well we ride, there’s always something to polish. I am happy to provide bespoke coaching to anyone who wants to improve their riding.

Whether you are new to motorcycling or are an ex-racer looking to improve your road riding, I am happy to help. I have a very friendly, easy going approach and will be as patient as you like.

And it’s an optional extra, if you just want to enjoy the tour and leave the coaching, we will.

Group size matters

Our group sizes are limited to 12 guests, enough to make friends with like minded people but not so many that a coffee stop takes two hours!