Frequently Asked Questions

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Riding Questions

About 100 to 170 if you are on a For the View tour.

Anywhere from 150 to 250 on a For the Ride tour

For the View tours are run at a leisurely pace and are suitable for anyone who has a full motorcycle licence. You should be comfortable riding on country roads between 40 and 60 mph and travel on dual carriageways at at least 60mph.

Fast! We will be riding at a quick pace, you should be happy leaning the bike to take corners quickly and smoothly and be competent to complete overtakes safely. If you cannot comfortably ride at the national speed limit on country roads, this tour is not for you.

Oh dear. It does happen but only occasionally. We prefer prevention but if you do become separated from the group we have a number of options. You will have a copy of the route for you own GPS so you can catch up. You can share your location using a smart phone so we can find you. We also have prearranged catch up places for this very purpose. In any event, we will get you back on track.

Tell your ride leader. We have a number of initiatives we can use to solve this problem. Assuming you have booked the right type of tour (For the View or For the Ride), we will accommodate the speed difference.

We will be riding in all weathers and for some tours you need to make the proper preparations – water proof clothing, thermal layers etc. However, SAFETY underpins everything we do. If conditions become unsafe we will stop the ride and follow plan B.


Motorcycle Questions

If you are on our leisurely tour For the View, then any bike that can travel at national speed limits with you and your kit on it.

If you are on our fast tour, For the Ride, then we would suggest at least a 600cc machine assuming you carry good cornering speed and the bike can handle higher revs all day.

Some tours are about 2000 miles plus travel home from the tour end point. Before you leave home you need to consider:

  • Servicing
  • Brake pad wear
  • Tyre thread depth
  • General reliability

Not a problem. Long before we leave, your bike range is factored into route planning along with other bike and human conditions that need to be managed.


Emergency Questions

We plan for all possibilities. We will ask you for copies of your breakdown and travel insurance policies so we can act on your behalf if need be. However if the issue cannot be fixed the tour will have to continue without you. We can use local contacts to speed up repairs so you can rejoin later on, if possible.

Not a problem so long as you have tubeless tyres. We carry two types of puncture repair kits and an air pump. If you have tubed tyres – you’ll need your own solution of recovery.

We will do what we can to help you, change hotels dates, create shorter more direct ‘catch up routes’ to minimise your discomfort but if you are unwell you will need to contact your travel insurers.

‘I’ve been on two tours now and they were both fantastic! Really well organised and the pace was absolutey cracking!’

Tony Warner – Devon